Big Data and the use of weather data

By Andrew Thompson | | 23rd February 2016

Big Data analysis and correlation of weather data provides incredibly valuable commercial insights. Do sales of a particular line item increase during high or low temperatures, or rain? Do sales or inquiries change based upon temperature, humidity, or sunlight levels? , Do we have more power outages in “x” area if the weather comes from the north, and at what wind (gust) levels? What impact does weather have on public transport usage? What impact does weather (and what type of weather) have on transport times? Answering historic questions by correlating multiple data sources and adding weather overlays allows enterprises to understand the effect weather conditions have on operational issues, sales, and marketing activities.


If you understand a pattern, you can look for factors that predict that same pattern, or variations of it, recurring, AND take advantage of that knowledge.

Cost Savings, Operational Intelligence, Revenue improvement.

Comprehensive Weather Data

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