TrueWeather SDK

Integrate weather data

Add value to your software or app

Making your app relevant, and geographically targetted are goals of all app developers. Our TrueWeather SDK allows developers to access our highly localized current weather observations and forecasts. These can be added to apps to provide a range of different dynamic views and experiences. Made by developers, for developers. Our Trueweather SDK provides standard quick start options, but developers can also design their own use cases for use of weather data, for example to trigger events and alerts inside your apps. The ways you can engage customers with weather to assist their reliance and continued use of your app is limited only by your imagination.

Icon View

This is a simple dynamic icon that can be used stand alone as a weather snapshot or as a touch point for users to access another view. The icon and information automatically change to reflect weather forecast changes within the next six hour period.

Slider View

The slider is an animated slide up from the bottom of the screen, activated by touching our icon view. It provides more weather information, wind precipitation, temperature range for the day etc, with a left to right slide function for different days. Selecting a specific day allows an hourly view over the day.

Full Page View

Touching the icon view can alternatively take a user to the full page weather view, across the hours of the day and over several days. The main weather icon change based on forecast updates 6 hours ahead.

Comprehensive Weather Data

MetTrigger’s specialsed weather models provide some of the best
localised weather forecasts and assumptions available.

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