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Robust, Nimble, Responsive, and Focused on commercial outcomes based on commercial weather data.

MetTrigger unlocks the demand for better weather observation and forecast data. We enable developers, corporates, and consumers the opportunity to enhance their decision making, timing of product offerings, knowledge of how to change or improve behavior based on higher quality commercially focused weather information and solutions.
Over many years, we have had an association with the weather through the power outage management products and services supplied to utilities by our sister company, TVD.  As weather data has become more accessible and forecasts more rigorous, it has become feasible to cost effectively create commercial weather products and services for customers, both utility and others. We created MetTrigger to focus on these opportunities and it is now unlocking the latent demand for weather observations and forecasts by making these resources easy to access for software and app developers, businesses and consumers. Better access to weather information provides numerous opportunities to enhance decision making and to improve behavior where weather and expected changes have an impact on sales and advertising decisions, operational decisions, and historic data capture for meeting contractual and regulatory obligations.  
Our TrueWeather cloud infrastructure and algorithms source data from multiple weather sources globally. These include our own weather stations and our own our own highly localised weather forecast model. This model allows for forecasts in areas as small as 1 km square which permits a unique range of products and solutions. These include specific applications such as our weather SDK that can by built into apps and other software applications, WeatherMaster for fleet operators and customised solutions incorporating one or all of API data feeds, scientifically validated weather stations for measuring local conditions, mobile data and custom software and app solutions. Potential applications for weather data and apps include weather sensitive industries, such as construction, agriculture, power generation and distribution, insurance, road works and road management, advertising and retail planning and event management. Big data processors should have a natural interest in weather information as it has a significant impact on many behavior patterns.

Comprehensive Weather Data

MetTrigger’s specialsed weather models provide some of the best
localised weather forecasts and assumptions available.

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